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Soulfoods Publishing provides nourishment for body and spirit

“A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness,
leading out into the expanding universe.”

― Madeleine L’Engle

Soulfoods Publishing is dedicated to focusing on wellness and the philosophy of life. We are passionate about offering books and digital productions which open new perspectives and convey hope, inspiration and crucial knowledge.

Soulfoods Publishing is run by Marit Mossbäck and Gunnar Fernlund. Marit has a background in advertising and graphic design, and Gunnar has worked with motion graphics and film. We now want to use our marketing skills to spread information that can help, inspire, and change lives for the better – for people, animals and nature.

Books have always given us plenty of inspiration, and have often been a lifeline for us personally during difficult times. We started publishing in 2010 after reading the revolutionary book ‘Green for Life’ by Victoria Boutenko. This book changed our lives through the green smoothie and all the health benefits it gave us. We felt progressively better and better and hoped that everyone could have the possibility to read this life-changing book. We published the book together with the translator Johanna Öjrell, and invited Victoria Boutenko to hold talks about it in Stockholm. Soon the green smoothie was moving like a big green wave throughout Sweden. The book became a bestseller and we realized that there were more people than us who loved this kind of book. It was not long before we found Kris Carr’s book ‘The Crazy Sexy Diet’ – also a life-changing book where the author talks about the lifestyle and diet that helped her survive cancer. These first experiences have shaped what we do today. We want to publish books that can help, transform and inspire – books which are written by people who have had tough challenges and found ways to help both themselves and others.

Of course, we want to choose the most environmentally friendly solutions for our productions. Our books are printed on eco-friendly paper, by the almost self-sufficient Danish printing company, Narayana Press. They are powered by energy from their own small wind turbines and solar panels. They even have a vegetarian policy and eat only vegetarian food at work, mainly with vegetables that they have cultivated themselves in their large greenhouse.

We will soon offer all our books in digital format also, which is of course the best option from an environmental perspective.